Taking the Hill 🇺🇸

Over the last few years I have been on Capitol Hill dozens of times.

Sometimes talking to lawmakers and sometimes talking to their staff. But always talking about our workforce.

This past week was a bit more action packed than previous trips. With the CEO of TikTok being grilled on Thursday — I talked to folks in front of the same committee on energy and commerce on the impact of data privacy laws on startups.

We talked about why a federal policy law would help startups by reducing confusion, by reducing wasted legal expenses and by reducing time wasted on stuff that isn’t core to a tech company — like building great products.

I also had the opportunity to meet with members of Congress about a new bill that would make it easier for employers to offer and employees to access — skill training. Making our labor laws more accessible and relevant for todays workforce.

Now, I’m not here to talk policy. I’d rather talk about why advocating — a.k.a. getting off your ass instead of just complaining at your social media feed — is not just an awesome opportunity but a responsibility for leaders today…

Today, more than ever, our elected officials need to hear from us — all of us. From frontline workers to frontline managers, from CEO to CHRO…

They need to hear from us for three reasons…

  1. They need to understand how their decisions impact customers — They are too far away
  2. They need to understand how their decisions impact our business model — many have never run a business — or worked in a business
  3. They need to understand how their decisions impact our frontline — the very people they are sent to DC by and for

Send a letter. Attend a meeting. Join a virtual town hall. Meet with your local member of Congress. Or…run for something yourself.

It is time for action. We need your voice.

Now back to work.

Event Details: Startups and the Data Privacy Patchwork by Engine on March 24, 2023 in Washington, D.C.